Film editing

Alvernia Studios provides film-editing suites using 8 FCP Stations supported with Cinetal HD monitors and Astro 4k monitors. Editing rooms are equipped with Final Cut Pro and a 5.1 sound system.

Video editing:

DVS Clipster 4K – 9600 -EDL editing/ conforming – uncompressed editing 4K

Avid Nitris DX Media Composer

Apple Final Cut Studio 2 + Aja Kona 3

reference monitors LCD Cine-tal Cinemage HD

monitor LCD Astro DM-3400 56″ 4K Cine-tal reference

projection system Christie LX1500

air-conditioning 15dB NC

safety data storage – tape library ADIC SCALAR i2000 – LTO-3 – 5,6PB

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