Sound stages

Alvernia Studios sound stages include 3 classic set construction sites, a rehearsal studio, the world’s largest spherical, shadeless Blue Screen, a shadeless Green Screen, and an artificial sky-dome 3200° – 255 spacelights (under construction). The stages are up to 16m (~ 52.5 ft) height and are ideal for all types of shoots including CGI. The stage with the large Blue Screen is ideal for motion capture. One of the sound stages features a special crane synchronised with the motion of the camera designed for backline lighting. The spacious backstage facilities – dressing and make-up rooms  – enable provision of high-quality services for numbering hundreds of people working together on the set.




area 2000 m2 (~ 21 505 ft²)

height 16 m (~ 52.5 ft)

spherical shadeless Blue Screen 3D – 180°, dimensions 80m x 15 m (~ 262.5×49 ft), depth of field up to 50 m (~ 164 ft)

Blue Screen lighting – 250 kW – 3200°

lighting 3200° frontline and backline 650 kW

electrical connections up to 1 MW

air-conditioned wardrobes and make-up rooms

air-conditioned set



area 2000 m2 (~ 21 527 ft²)

height 16 m (~ 52.5 ft)

artificial sky-dome 3200° – 255 Spacelights, power up to 1,8 MW

lighting 3200° frontline and backline 650kW

light groups height adjustment in scope from 2 to 16 m (6.5 ft to 52.5 ft)

additional electrical connections up to 1,4 MW

wardrobes and make-up stands

air-conditioned set

workshop 1 – 350m2 (~ 3767 ft²)



area 124 m2 (~ 1333 ft²)

height 6 m (~ 19.5 ft)

shadeless Green Screen 180°, dimensions 12x7m (~ 39×23 ft), depth of field up to 8 m (~ 26 ft)

connections up to 40 kW

wardrobes and make-up stands

air-conditioned set



area 700 m2 (~ 7534 ft²), Vicon Motion Capture MX T 160 Cameras / 24 cameras / air-conditioned set

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