Colour grading

Alvernia is equipped with a Film Light colour grading system and is one of the 25 studios that have obtained Truelight Theatre Certification and the only one in Poland to allow 8/4K colour correction in real-time.

The entire digital intermediate and video grading workflow is done in Alvernia Studios’ grading theatre featuring two large digital grading and screening rooms for 2K/4K data and video projection equipped with Baselight 8 4k realtime. Baselight 8 features a great colour management system integrated with the grading tool, which helps to knit the entire DI chain. It is technically stable and flexible, allowing a colourist to make quick creative decisions together with the director and DoP, and makes it possible to review the shots in real-time 4K. Colourists work in a resolution-independent environment and can apply an infinite number of corrections, layers and complex trackable mattes in a single frame with reliability, flexibility and speed. Truelight is integrated into the Baselight 8 system and provides a precise match between the image displayed on the Sony 4k digital projectors in the DI grading theatres and the film prints produced at the film-screening theatre.

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